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The Vagabond King 

Venue: Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh 
Dates: 17 March 1986 to 21 March 1986 at 7.30pm
            22 March 1986 at 7.15pm
Book and lyrics by W.H. Post and BRIAN HOOKER
The story is set in Paris in the reign of Louis XI, whose throne is in danger from the Duke of Burgundy. One night, while in the tavern disguised as a merchant, King Louis meets Francois Villon, a vagabond and poet who with his band of thieves and tavern wenches tells the "merchant" of his very low opinion of their king, and his poor efforts to stop Paris falling to Burgundy. He also tells his friends of his love for a lady of the court who, he has discovered, is the King's ward. His friend, Tabarie arranges a meeting between this Lady Katherine and Villon, and she asks Villon if he will kill Thibaut d'Aussigny, Grand Marshall of France, who has turned traitor and plans to sell France to Burgundy in return for Katherine and all her lands.
Thibaut comes to the tavern that night and when Villon tries to kill him he is stopped by the arrival of the King and his Scotch Archers. After hearing Villon say what he could do for France were he King for one day, King Louis arranges for Villon to be drugged and taken to the royal palace and to be known as Count of Montcorbier.
While Villon is King for the day, a herald arrives from Burgundy, summoning them to surrender and war is declared. Meanwhile, he fress all the vagabonds from prison, reduces taxes, and declares there will be a masked ball that night. This is to fool the Burgundians who think they will now be able to enter Paris without a struggle.
Through Huguette, Villon discovers a plot to kidnap the King by Thibaut so disguises himself as King Louis and when Thibaut tries to kill Villon Huguette tries to protect him and is herself killed.
Finally Villon is to face the gallows for daring to put himself above the King and in the end is saved by Katherine declaring her love for him. 

The Cast 
Francois Villon
Mike Turnbull
Katherine de Vaucelles
Cathie McAlpine
Guy Tabarie
Douglas Grey
Huguette du Hamel
Eleanor Brown
Louis XI
Frank Cragie
Captain of the Scotch Guards
Derek Melon
Lady Mary
Julia MacDonald
Rene de Montigny
John Carbray
Oliver le Dain
Bobby McArthur
Tristan L'Hermite
David Thomson
Noel le Jolys
John Robertson
Toison D'Or (Burgundian Herald)
Joyce Gray
Margot (Taverness)
Evelyn Purves
Tibaut D'Aussigny
Andrew Johntson
Jennifer Hood
Derek Osprey
Janet Ferguson
Ladies of the Chorus 
Rhona Bowick Janet Brown Coreen Cadzow
Mary Dalgleish Janet Ferguson Joyce Gray
Madge Henderson Mary Holgate Jennifer Hood
Katriona Ireland Carol Johnston Liz Malcolm
Elizabeth Reape Margaret Shaw Joanne Smith
Frances Tait Shelia Tansey Helen Veitch
Margaret Wynne    
Gentlemen of the Chorus 
John Carbray George Carroll Charles Clarke
Kevin Fowler Martin Garvin George McConnell
Derek Melon Derek Osprey Cyril Read
John Robertson Gilbert Taylor David Thomson
Tommy Thomson    
 Production Team
Dolores Read
Musical Director
Peter Antonelli
Alison Riddell
Assistant Pianist
Gladys Gray
Stage Manager
Tommy Thomson
Wardrobe Mistress
Jessie Ballantyne
Nancy Williams
Hall Manager
Hal Halliday
W.A. Homburg Ltd.
Border Studios
Gordon McFadyen
Madge Henderson
1st Violin 
Tom Murphy
2nd Violin 
Marilyn McLennan
2nd Violin
Margaret Burns
Eddie Beyer
Jim Crossley
Double Bass
Robin Sinclair
Valerie Conway
Raymond West
Alistair McIntyre
Claire Richmond
Angus Skinner
Alison Riddell
George Brown
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