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Naughty Marietta 

Venue: Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh 

Dates: 28 March 1977 to 1 April 1977 at 7.30pm

            02 April 1977 at 7.15pm


Original book and lyrics by RIDA JOHNSON YOUNG

Adapted and revised by PHIL PARK


Music adapted and arranged by RONALD HANMER 




NEW ORLEANS 1780. ...... Returning fom his "travels" Etienne Grandet (alias Bras Pique the Pirate) is greeted by girl admirers with the Story that the Place D'Arms is haunted by a ghost voice, which repeatedly sings an unfinished snatch of a song.


Captain Dick Warrington, his servant Silas, and a friend, Sir Harry Blake, arrive to present their credentials to the Governor. Dick hs been commissioned to capture Bras Pique. Little knowing that Etienne is the Pirate, he accepts his offer of an introduction to the Governor, who is Etienne's father.


Another reason for Dick calling at New Orleans is the expected arrival from France of the "Casket Girls" seeking husbands. Each has a casket containing an unspecified dowry - a gift from the King of France.


Silas sees in every turn of events a chance to better himself.


It appears that one of the Casket Girls, Marietta (who is in reality a Contessa) vanished during the journey. She has, in fact been hiding in a disused fountain in the Square, and it is her voice singing the unfinished song. This song is Marietta's "dream melody." She believes that the man who completes the refrain will be her true love.


Rudolfo, owner of the MARIONETTE Theatre, Adah, a quadroon slave girl, Silas, and Lizette, a Casket Girl, are all involved in the unfolding of the plot, culminating in the unmasking of Bras Picque.


Captain Dick completes the refrain of the "dream melody" and Marietta at last finds her true love.







Evelyn Moffat

Captain Dick Warrington

Michael Turnbull

Lieutenant Governor Grandet 

Alex Brown

Etienne Grandet 

John Robertson

Silas Slick 

Graham Hudson


Evelyn Purves


Hal Halliday


Janet Brown

Sir Harry Blake

Frank Craigie


Graeme Moffat


 Lilian Warwick


 Brenda Purves


 Julie McDonald


Margaret Talman




Ladies of the Chorus 

Karen Chalmers 

Margaret Crombie 

Mary Dalgleish 

Irene Drajkowski 

Janet Ferguson 

Anne Halliday 

Anne Hamilton 

Madge Henderson 

Katriona Ireland 

Margaret Johnston 

Pat Johnson 

Linda Logan 

Melba Rennie 

Alison Riddle 


Jean White 




Convent Girls 

Laura Craigie 

Audrey Dalgleish 

Emma Garden 

Louise Halliday 

Frances Johnson 

Gillian Warwick 

Florence Tavendale 




 Gentlemen of the Chorus

John Buchan 

John Cunningham 

Roy Elliott 

John E. Gelder

William Gibson

John Mitchell

Gordon McFadyen 

Bernard Rushton

Jack Smith





Production Team 

Musical Director 

Neville Garden


Doris Bruce


Gladys Gray

Stage Manager

Michael Pendlowski

Wardrobe Mistress

Jessie Ballantyne


WM. Mutrie & Sons Ltd.


Border Studios